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Computer Skills

Flexible ,Affordable, Accredited Valued Training For Home and Business Users

We specialise in bringing Quality & Affordable Computer End-User Training to Communities

Learn basic computer skills to enhance your job prospects and for personal enjoyment

Sage Pastel Skills

Sage Pastel is South Africa's leading developer of Pastel accounting software, payroll, ERP and business software of the small, medium and large enterprise market.

Sage Pastel offers a range of product training solutions to ensure that you are proficient in the use of your accounting software, Payroll software ... All courses are designed to give you hands on, practical Accounting and Payroll software training in a classroom environment.

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January 2019

Sage Pastel Accounting

Why not kick start your career by attending the Pastel Training Course. This specially packaged training course includes a certification that will assist you in entering many career options in the workplace - all at a price that won't break the bank.

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January 2019

Microsoft Excel

Our Practical courses offer you skills to design , Edit, Format and print your own Spreadsheets, Formulas, Charts, Etc...

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January 2019

Computer Fundamentals

Never used a computer before?
Come learn about Computer Basics.
"Computer Basics" is a course that's designed specifically for those who are completely new to computers
.Learn basic computer skills to Gain Entry in the Job Market

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January 2019

Sage Pastel Payroll Processing

Fundamental Course for Every HR & Payroll Administrator
Become a Payoll hero and get the Numbers Right each time

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January 2019

Bookkeeping Fundamentals

Developing essential skills to perform your job as a professional bookkeeper is a pre-requisite for achieving professional success in any organisation.
Bookkeepers are often called upon to explain financial reports or assist with making financial decisions.

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January 2019

Sagel Pastel Payroll Certification

After completing this Sage Pastel Payroll Administration course and Gaini9ng the Certification you will have the Knowledge and skills you need to process your payroll effectively and efficiently in order for your business to get the optimal return from your payroll software.

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January 2019

Microsoft Word

The Course gives the learner a sound grounding in the use of Microsoft Word 2013 to create everyday documents required either at work or at home.
Particular emphasis is placed on developing accurate and well-designed documents.

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January 2019

Genius Math

Math is one of the most essential skills in all aspects of our lives.
When the Classroom is NOT ENOUGH
Helping Learners to Understand, Apply Fundamental Math Concepts

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